Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic Mattresses

Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic Mattresses

“Re+duce. Re+cycle. Re+purpose. Re+think” is the motto of Keetsa Eco-Friendly Mattresses, a company unique in the world of mattress production, and creators of Tea Leaf Classic Mattress, that feature:

  • The iCoil Every part of your body is supported by an independent coil. Their independent operation means not just supple and responsive flex to each movement across your entire body but less motion transfer to your sleep partner, for better, undisturbed sleep
  • The Comfort Top The Tea Leaf Classic Mattress features a firm top made of high quality “BioFoam” Memory Foam
  • BioFoam is Memory Foam made from a blend of natural and and synthetic materials and features natural plant oil rather than common synthetic chemical products, reducing VOC (“Volatile Organic Compound”) emissions. This separates Keetsa Mattresses from other companies who manufacture their foam from as much as 100% petroleum
  • All-Natural EverGreen Ingredient “EverGreen”, a natural product made from all-natural Green Tea is embedded into the Memory Foam to ensure long-lasting freshness and resultant comfort
  • The Cover The Covers of The Tea Leaf Classic Mattress are classically and luxuriously quilted and manufactured from a smooth, soft and durable hemp-blend fabric that absorbs humidity and allows better ventilation with a layer of breathable fiber padding

Keetsa Mattresses is committed to presenting a line of sleep products that have a minimum impact on the environment, and on your pocketbook. Extend your Green Living practices to the bedroom, and sleep in comfort and with the knowledge that your new mattress was produced under eco-friendly standards and utilizing less synthetic and petroleum-based products, but instead contains green tea, natural plant oils, and hemp products.

Available Sizes and Pricing:

  • Twin Size – $933.45
  • Full Size – $1101.45
  • Queen Size – $1206.45
  • King Size – $1573.95
  • California King – $1573.95
  • Shipping is FREE for 48 states and most of Canada

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