Home Aquaponic Water Garden

The burgeoning commercial use of hydroponics – the growing of plants in water without the use of soil – has led to the development of aquaponics, where fish are raised in the plant water, suppling the bulk of needed nutrients without the need of constant monitoring and the frequent adding of outside supplements. In commercial applications, large-scale tanks are used and thousands of fish are raised, supplying nutrients to large agricultural crops.

Now, however, you can combine this economical and ecologically friendly method of growing of house plants with the additional hobby of maintaining a home aquarium, enhancing your green linving and raising your favorite tropical fish, with the home aquaponic Water Garden.

Aquaponic Home Water Garden

A low-maintenance, mini aquaponics ecosystem, the Water Garden is a self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic sprouts and herbs. The fish feed the plants and plants clean the water, thus you never have to change the water or clean the tank. The natural waste produced by the fish is pumped up to the plants, and broken down into nutrients the plants need to grow. Clean water then cycles back down to the fish tank, creating a sustainable tabletop ecosystem.

No more having to work to keep your aquarium clean to protect the health of your fish. In a regular aquarium nutrient-rich waste builds up and becomes harmful to your fish. In the Water Garden, the plants are continually taking up these nutrients as food to grow, cleaning the water for your fish.

This is a complete kit including much more than just the
Water Garden fish tank. Included are all of the following:

  • Three gallon fish tank and gravel
  • Organic wheatgrass and radish sprout seeds
  • Grow stones
  • Natural fertilizer
  • Coupon for a Betta fish
  • Fish food
  • Silent submersible water pump
  • Seed subscription to keep you growing all year
  • Free access to accompanying STEM educational curriculum for kids

$99.00 and Shipping is FREE!

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