Tesla Solar Roof Tiles Are Here

Tesla Solar Roof Slate Roof TilesTesla is now taking orders and next month will begin installation of their solar roof tile systems, transforming homes first in California and then across the country into energy-producing, money-saving stylish homes that give no outward appearance of traditional solar panels. Instead, Tesla has created standard and upscale-looking roof tiles in a variety of styles and colors that look just like the roof tiles on the traditional house next door.

Their solar roof tile system includes Tesla’s Powerwall home battery that stores solar energy allowing the home’s residents to use solar energy whenever they choose, yes including at night, and providing uninterrupted electricity during grid outages.

The system is designed to include both solar tiles and non-solar tiles, which are indistinguishable when seen from the street after installation. Customized power needs for residents is easily created by the mix between solar and non-solar tiles. Tesla roof tiles are created from tempered quartz glass and are three times stronger than traditional roofing tiles.

Tesla Solar Roof Tuscan Roof TilesTesla warranties their tiles for “infinity” or for the lifetime of the house, whichever comes first, and they include 30-year power and weatherization warranties as well.

The cost of the system is high, but the net savings over 30 years are substantial. NPR.org has provided a cost example using a home in Raleigh, North Carolina:

At 2,467 square feet, the median size of a new, single-family home in the U.S., according to recent Census Bureau data, using online tools provided by Tesla, the upfront cost of replacing a roof with the solar tile system, including coverage of 60% of the roof with solar tiles, would be $46,400. But, one then needs to add to that the $7,000.00 cost of the Powerwall battery, and subtract from that federal tax credits that would reduce the cost by almost $14,000.

Tesla-Solar Roof Textured Glass TilesThis system would generate $38,100 worth of energy over 30 years, leaving the homeowner with a net cost of $1,400. Estimates for other markets could even produce a net profit. On Tesla’s website, they cite an example of a home in Maryland where the Solar roof tile system would have a total cost of $52,000 but that given energy and other costs in that area, the homeowner would see a net profit of $8,000 over 30 years.

Yes, traditional solar panel systems can be acquired at even lower costs, but those systems are for attaching unattractive panels on top of roof tiles and they do not include Tesla’s revolutionary new Powerwall battery.

Tesla solar roof tiles will be available in textured, smooth, Tuscan and slate finishes.

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