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The Silver Branch Coat Tree

The Silver Branch Coat Tree

Bring a touch of nature into your home with The Silver Branch Coat Tree. Featuring an array of branches to provide ample storage for coats, sweaters, bags, umbrellas, your dog’s leash, and much more, The Silver Branch Coat Tree is perfectly sized at 18″ W x 11.5″ D x 72″ H to fit just where you want it, such as a focal point near an entryway or off to the side, in a discrete, inconspicuous spot. Just a hint, but it is so attractive and intriguing, that you will want it front and center for all to see. Your green living standards will be enhanced with this artistic but utilitarian use of recycled materials.

  • Skillfully crafted from recycled metal
  • Features a shimmering finish
  • Simple assembly required


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The Eco Living Wall

Eco Living Wall

The ingenious Eco Living Wall modular system is created from recycled HDPE-like milk jugs and detergent bottles and provides a planter frame for you to plant your own, customized wall of green in a size and style to suit your space, enhancing your green living experience.

  • Crafted from 100% Recycled HDPE Plastic
  • Each is 15.7” Sq. x 5.5” D
  • Features a water dispersal system – fill the reservoir with water at the top of the frame, and it will slowly drain into each separate cell
  • With The Eco Living Wall, water dispersal system, your plants can be watered while it hangs

Arrange several Eco Living Walls for a dramatic and stylish interior design element that embodies your commitment to green living.
The Eco Living Wall

$80.00 Each

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Bambeco is the premier brand for sustainable home goods, offering an assortment of products that are all reclaimed, recycled, repurposed, renewable, natural, or organic, and made with respect for the planet and its people.

Jute Ribbon – Wrapping and Artwork with Eco-Friendly Products

Orange Colored Jute RibbonGreen Colored Jute Ribbon

Traditional ribbon is made from a wide variety of raw materials, from common types utilizing cotton or polyester, to more unusual and expensive velvet, taffeta, or silk ribbons. While ribbons used for artwork and even many used for fashion are less likely to end up discarded and in landfills as is the bulk of ribbon used to wrap presents – used, admired momentarily, and then discarded Jute Burlap Ribbon made from the vegetable fiber of the jute plant is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable. In addition, the plant itself is easy to grow with extremely low pesticide and fertilizer needs. In fact, the world produces more jute than any other vegetable fiber other than cotton.

Jute is woven into fabric and is commonly used around the world in the production of curtains, chair coverings, carpets, rugs, even backings for linoleum, and much more. Now Jute Burlap Ribbon is gaining world wide popularity as well.

Jute Burlap Ribbon can be used just as cotton or polyester ribbon, to wrap presents, in artwork, and as detail in casual or high fashion.

Jute Burlap Ribbon comes in ten-yard rolls and is 4 inches wide. It is available in a variety of different colors:

Orange Jute Burlap Ribbon $12.85
Apple Green Jute Burlap Ribbon $13.39
Jute Burlap Ribbon – Additional Colors Prices Vary

Enhance your green living standards by ending the use of traditional ribbon for a sustainable, recyclable product.

Chopstick Folding Basket

Chopstick Folding Basket

One of the great questions that has been pondered by mankind for centuries is what to do with used chopsticks? Throw them in the trash and let them take up valuable space in landfills? Take them outside and build a bonfire with them? Sand them down and make toothpicks from them? No answer, at least until now, has been satisfactory. Arise and rejoice, because some innovative people have now saved large numbers of chopsticks from these afteruses, as they have developed an innovative and utilitarian method of disposing of them, through recycling. Cleaned, sterilized, and painted, their future no longer involves fire or large underground holes, but rather elegant living rooms, dining rooms, salons, conference rooms, restaurants, and offices, in places of honor by people who believe in green living.. Now, old, discarded wooded eating utensils can become a Chopstick Folding Basket.

Display fruit, candy, condiment packets, or rare gems, in your unique Chopstick Folding Basket, and it will be the basket that is the conversation piece.

Your Chopstick Folding Basket can, as the name implies, be folded up and easily stored when not in use.

Available in Black, Red, or Tea Stain


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Chelsea Modern Bookshelves


Way Basics produces these stylish and utilitarian Chelsea Modern Bookshelves from recycled content – 99% from paper. They are non-toxic (Formaldehyde and VOC free) and water resistant, and they are completely recyclable.

Create a beguiling, modern, green living area of your den, living room, dining room, or office, with a configuration of several of these units, in various colors. Note that they can be stacked one upon another, but they cannot be turned horizontally.

12″ x 32.1″ x 24.8″

$82.99 each, Available in Black, Espresso, Natural, and White

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Recycled Railroad Tie Bench

Recycled Railroad Tie Bench
Decorate your entryway, dinning room, rumpus room, or backyard patio in sustainable style with this all-purpose
Recycled Railroad Tie Bench
. The modular legs and the seat itself are all made from reclaimed railroad ties, sanded and then sealed with a protective lacquer.

This unique piece of furniture will be a great addition to your commitment to green living, and it can be a used as a stand alone bench in any number of different rooms around the house or patio, it can be used as seating at a dinning table, or use it as the centerpiece of your living area as a coffee table. The possibilities are limitless!

42″ W x 14″ D x 17″ H, 63 pounds

$249.00, and US domestic Shipping is FREE!

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Imax Alaina Recycled Magazine Baskets, Set of Two

Imax Alaina Recycled Magazine Baskets

Imax Alaina Recycled Magazine Baskets

Handmade from tightly coiled, recycled magazine strips, these Imax Alaina Recycled Magazine Baskets will be an attractive, unique and useful addition to any home, and a great way to show off just how stylish green living can be.

They stand 13 to 14″ high and weigh 2.2 pounds each, but more than that, they represent a long-term use for a mass produced product that until the recent past has been routinely buried or burned with little regard for the environment. Now, magazines can have a second life, through a variety of different recycling processes. Here, discarded magazines that have been cut into strips are woven into attractive, stylish, and colorful baskets that can be placed around the home, garden, office, or business, purely as decor, or as receptacles for a variety of items, small and large – green living at its contemporary best!


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