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The GrowOya Watering Pot

Commonly today referred to as the “Oya”, the traditional “Olla” or “Aulla”, an unglazed ceramic jar with a wide body and narrow neck, dates back to ancient Rome, where it was originally used for cooking and storage, and as a funeral urn. As Roman culture spread across Europe and co-mingled with other cultures, in Celtic Gaul the “Olla” found common usage in agriculture, and became a symbol of Sucellus, the God of agriculture. In later years “Ollas” found popular use as the required vessel for the preparation of localized foods in Spain and Catalonia.

Similar vessels became popular in the American southwest, and while they could have been introduced to the region by Spanish settlers it is more likely that Native American contemporaneously developed them on their own. In the New World they were used for storing water, cooking and serving, as well as for other uses.

But the primary use of the “Olla” was is irrigation, primarily among the Spanish and then Native Americans. As water slowly seeped through the unglazed ceramic walls of the Olla”, its use in agriculture become obvious, and widely used. “Ollas” would be buried in the earth with the necks sticking out above ground. Fruits and vegetables would be planted around the “Ollas”, and the “Ollas” were then filled with water. The slow seepage of water to the roots of the plants made for effective and efficient growth, with little waste through spillage or evaporation.

With today’s climate crisis and pervasive drought conditions, the use of the “Olla” is a water-saving and cost-saving effective way to garden for virtually anyone with a little plot of land where they wish to grow vegetables, fruit or decorative, flowering plants. Continue reading

Solar Pest Repeller

Solar Pest Repeller

Easily and humanely keep an array of furry critters away from your lawns and gardens, with the Solar Pest Repeller. No killing, no poisoning, no pain – instead, ultrasonic vibrations are used to ward off small animals from ever coming near your prized azaleas or ripe plums.

Just place a Solar Pest Repeller in the dirt, and every 30 seconds, vibrations will pulsate out, keeping animals away. Perfectly safe for your pets (and kids) as well, the Solar Pest Repeller will keep skunks, moles, groundhogs, rabbits, and other critters away including those below ground. Pest control and green living principles were never so easy to maintain!

Simply stick it in the ground, and the sun’s rays will charge it up. The Solar Pest Repeller is water-resistant, and it can stay in the ground 24/7, pulsing out ultrasonic vibrations, over as much as 7,000 square feet of garden, patio, and lawn area.

Safe, humane and environmentally friendly, the Solar Pest Repeller needs no wiring and installs in minutes. It also features a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

$20.00 $16.95

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Herbal Tea Garden Kit

 Herbal Tea Garden Kit

Enhance your personal green living experience by growing your own herbal teas! This easy to use Herbal Tea Garden Kit is in reality a complete little tea garden that you can place in your garden, porch, window box, or various other locations. The kit includes a recycled steel container and features a variety of seeds, seedling markers, and detailed growing instructions.

Included are seeds for lavender, anise, German chamomile, peppermint and wild bergamot. Grow them in this handy kit and they will be chemical-free and even weed-free at harvest.

Each metal container is 1″ high and 5″ in diameter.

Also Available: Herbs for Wine Lovers Garden Kit, Gourmet Salad Garden Kit, and Chocolate Lovers Garden Kit

$20.00 Each

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Solar Crackled Globe Light

Solar Crackled Globe Light

Totally renewable, minimal carbon footprint, no wiring, no ongoing costs for electricity* – that is what solar lighting provides, and anyone and everyone interested in green living should consider converting all outdoor lighting to solar. An easy way to start is with these attractive and affordable Solar Crackled Globe Lights.

Features include

  • Shimmering glass globe with unique cracked lighting effect
  • Aged copper finish
  • Easy installation with no wiring needed
  • The bulb lights up automatically at dusk and remains illuminated for six to eight hours

Compare at $22.75 Now only $11.95 each

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*Solar rechargeable batteries (included) may eventually need replacement

the PotMaker

the Potmaker

Use the hardwood PotMaker to turn old newspapers into flower pots! They are fully biodegradable and can be planted directly into the ground once your plant is ready.

There is no need to remove your plant for a plastic or clay pot, especially those nice, thorny cactuses. Whatever type of plant, let it mature in a pulp pot made with the PotMaker, and when the time is right, plant the plant pot and all.

You can keep your potted plants in their pulp pots above ground if you like, on the patio, on a garden shelf, or around the house, so long as they receive sufficient sunlight, that is.

You can find information on just how to plant a plant in a pulp pot here.

What can better exemplify green living than recycling newspapers to make pots that go directly into the ground and begin the process of degrading?


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Reclaimed Wine Bottle Grow Kits

Reclaimed Wine Bottle Grow Kit

Reclaimed Wine Bottle Grow Kits

Take the essence of Green Living to new heights by growing your own herbs in grow kits that are hand-crafted from recycled restaurant wine bottles. Grow your own culinary herbs at home, and at the same time, make great use of recycled materials. These Reclaimed Wine Bottle Grow Kits use a simple hydroponic system to grow herbs all year long. Each kit contains

  • A repurposed wine bottle
  • USDA certified organic heirloom seeds
  • Clay pebbles
  • Wool wick
  • Vermiculite
  • Plant nutrient
  • Cork coaster
  • Easy-to-follow instructions

Reclaimed Wine Bottle Basil Grow Kit $38.00
Reclaimed Wine Bottle Mint Grow Kit $38.00
Reclaimed Wine Bottle Oregano Grow Kit $38.00
Reclaimed Wine Bottle Basil Grow Kit – Demi $24.00
Reclaimed Wine Bottle Chives Grow Kit – Demi $24.00

Recycled Tire Planter/Storage Bin


A couple of years ago, the number of automobiles in the world surpassed one billion, and the number grows daily. Every car, those on the road today, those that drove the world’s highways in the past, and those that will leave production lines today, tomorrow, and each day in the future, uses rubber tires. Old tires are routinely buried, burned, or piled up as reminders of our wasteful society. But it does not have to be that way. Used rubber tires can be recycled, and this Recycled Tire Planter/Storage Bin is a prize example.

This stylish, handcrafted container from Au Lac Designs can be used as a planter on a porch, patio, or garden (note it is not watertight), or as an attractive storage bin.

12″ bottom diameter x 18″ top diameter.


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