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Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks

Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks

Your dedication to Green Living can be a guiding factor as you choose among a wide variety of kitchen utensils, decor, and storage items. And, you do not have to sacrifice utility or style in making your selections. This has never more true than in your selection of a safe and attractive product to store your kitchen knives. The Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks is just the perfect choice.

The sustainable style and understated elegance and utility of the Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks is more than evident – it’s produced from reclaimed wood and features bamboo sticks to keep your knives in order and convenient, just as you like them. And the knife holder, created as it is, is unique from all others, as each Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder is individually handcrafted and no two are alike. 11” H x 8” D x 5” at its base.

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Vintage Film Reel Wine Rack

Vintage Film Reel Wine Rack

FINALLY, the perfect product for the eco-friendly, green-living, decor-conscious oenophile – the Vintage Film Reel Wine Rack. Place this homage to a hundred years of Hollywood classics in a prominent place, and fill it with up to six bottles of your favorite vino, and you’ll bring recycling and love of wine to new home bar heights.

And movie lovers – each reel is wound with a section of celluloid from an actual vintage MGM movie, and the base prominently displays the name of the movie. 16″ H X 14″ W

$375.00, and shipping is FREE!

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Bamboo & Cork Canister Set

Bamboo & Cork Canister Set

Made from 100% Organic Bamboo and Sustainable Cork, this Bamboo & Cork Canister Set is manufactured with water-based and formaldehyde-free adhesives and is approved for food safety. They are chemical and pesticide-free and contain no bleaches or dyes. So, use them in the kitchen for spices, coffee, cookies, or other bulk items, use them in the bath for bath beads, cotton balls, or that extra roll of toilet paper, or use them as decorative items in the entry way or living room.

Your green living lifestyle is fully protected with this Bamboo & Cork Canister Set as no animal products are used in its manufacturer, and even all packing materials are from certified sources and are either recycled or recyclable.

The set includes one small 3.5″ dia x 3″ h canister, one medium 4″ dia x 4.5″ h canister, and one large 5″ dia x 5.5″ h canister.


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Preserve BPA-Free 9-Piece Kitchen Starter Set

Preserve BPA-Free 9-Piece Kitchen Starter Set

Veteran chefs and neophyte home cooks alike can follow environmentally friendly green living and turn out great meals, when they utilize the tools featured in the Preserve BPA-Free 9-Piece Kitchen Starter Set.

This array of cooks’ tools features kitchen basics that will be used over and over again. The tools are made in the USA from 100% recycled BPA and melamine free #5 plastic and are dishwasher-safe and 100% recyclable. The brightly colored set features mixing bowls with east-to-grip handles and funnel spouts, and the cutting board has a textured surface that grips your fruit and veggies and doesn’t show knife marks.

The set includes:

  • Nested Set of 2-Quart, 3-Quart, and 4-Quart Mixing Bowls
  • One 10″ x 8″ Cutting Board
  • One 1.5-Quart Colander
  • 1/4-Cup, 1/3-Cup, 1/2-Cup, and 1-Cup Measuring Cups


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Sinatra Martini Gift Set

Sinatra Martini Gift Set

Ole “Blue Eyes” is singing a new tune, based on recycling and environmentally sound production principles, and this Martini Set is the perfect example. This Sinatra Martini Gift Set, part of’s Sinatra Collection, features two retro Martini Glasses in vibrant blue and brown hues, and that are created from hand-blown recycled glass, and a recycled stainless steel cocktail shaker. The perfect way to combine THE classic cocktail and green living!

1950’s and 1960’s class and style never looked so good, and never before contributed to green living and sustainable living standards.


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Enjoy “The Best is Yet To Come”
and think about what the future holds.

Recycled Telephone Wire Bowls

Telephone Wire Bowls

Telephone Wire Bowls

If ever there was a disposable product that goes unnoticed by millions of people, it is telephone wires. Rather than continuing the general practice of just tossing old telephone wires into the trash, and ultimately landfills, the innovative people at Spiral Foundation have come up with a marvelous way to recycle them, by turning them into Recycled Telephone Wire Bowls

These handmade bowls come in four different sizes, perfect to hold a variety of items, from coins or keys, to fruit, chips or nuts, and they are available in several color combinations. Recycled Telephone Wire Bowls are durable and they are washable.

$1 from every purchase is donated to environmental causes.

Small – $18.00
Medium – $26.00
Large – $34.00
Extra Large – $42.00
Available Colors:

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I Am NOT A Paper Cup

Tired of the “Use it once and throw it out” mentality? Well, use no more paper cups, once you have your own I Am Not a Paper Cup thermal porcelain cup. This cup looks just like those throw-away paper things that burn your hands, leak, spill, and are so wasteful of resources.

The eco-friendly I Am Not a Paper Cup is double-walled and will not burn your hand, and the cup comes with a tight-fitting silicone top so your hot beverages will not spill on your tie, your lap, or your laptop.

Eco-friendly, use I Am Not a Paper Cup over and over, and help save a forest. 6″ tall, it’s also dishwasher safe, and if your cup holder fits a paper cup, I Am NOT a Paper Cup will also fit.

Great gift idea for the environmentally-minded coffee or tea drinker.

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