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Home Aquaponic Water Garden

The burgeoning commercial use of hydroponics – the growing of plants in water without the use of soil – has led to the development of aquaponics, where fish are raised in the plant water, suppling the bulk of needed nutrients without the need of constant monitoring and the frequent adding of outside supplements. In commercial applications, large-scale tanks are used and thousands of fish are raised, supplying nutrients to large agricultural crops.

Now, however, you can combine this economical and ecologically friendly method of growing of house plants with the additional hobby of maintaining a home aquarium, enhancing your green linving and raising your favorite tropical fish, with the home aquaponic Water Garden.

Aquaponic Home Water Garden

A low-maintenance, mini aquaponics ecosystem, the Water Garden is a self-cleaning fish tank that grows organic sprouts and herbs. The fish feed the plants and plants clean the water, Continue reading

McBrine Luggage Eco Friendly Hardside 3 Piece Set With Spinner Wheels

McBrine Luggage Eco Friendly Hardside 3 Piece Set With Spinner Wheels

Take your green living on the road with you for your next trip, with Eco-Friendly luggage! From McBrine Luggage, comes this stylish and durable luggage set that features each piece with an ABS shell manufactured from 50% recycled materials. Contemporary style and plenty of storage space among the three pieces, this Eco-Friendly luggage will make your next trip that much more satisfying.

  • Three upright cases measure 19″, 23″ and 27″ tall respectively
  • Fully lined interior
  • Push button aluminum trolley system
  • Spinner wheels for easy mobility
  • Top and side grab handles for easy lifting
  • Interiors include criss-cross tie-down straps, a zippered mesh pocket, elastic pockets, and a zip around divider that creates two separate packing compartments
  • Hard sided
  • #10 zippers
  • Includes Five Year Warranty Against Manufacturer’s Defects

$660.00 Limited time SALE Price, Rose Color (Shown) Now only $271.99
Black or Silver – Now only $255.99 each

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Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic Mattresses

Keetsa Tea Leaf Classic Mattresses

“Re+duce. Re+cycle. Re+purpose. Re+think” is the motto of Keetsa Eco-Friendly Mattresses, a company unique in the world of mattress production, and creators of Tea Leaf Classic Mattress, that feature:

  • The iCoil Every part of your body is supported by an independent coil. Their independent operation means not just supple and responsive flex to each movement across your entire body but less motion transfer to your sleep partner, for better, undisturbed sleep
  • The Comfort Top The Tea Leaf Classic Mattress features a firm top made of high quality “BioFoam” Memory Foam
  • BioFoam is Memory Foam made from a blend of natural and and synthetic materials and features natural plant oil rather than common synthetic chemical products, reducing VOC (“Volatile Organic Compound”) emissions. This separates Keetsa Mattresses from other companies who manufacture their foam from as much as 100% petroleum
  • All-Natural EverGreen Ingredient “EverGreen”, a natural product made from all-natural Green Tea is embedded into the Memory Foam to ensure long-lasting freshness and resultant comfort
  • The Cover The Covers of The Tea Leaf Classic Mattress are classically and luxuriously quilted and manufactured from a smooth, soft and durable hemp-blend fabric that absorbs humidity and allows better ventilation with a layer of breathable fiber padding

Keetsa Mattresses is committed to presenting a line of sleep products that have a minimum impact on the environment, and on your pocketbook. Extend your Green Living practices to the bedroom, and sleep in comfort and with the knowledge that your new mattress was produced under eco-friendly standards and utilizing less synthetic and petroleum-based products, but instead contains green tea, natural plant oils, and hemp products.

Available Sizes and Pricing:

  • Twin Size – $933.45
  • Full Size – $1101.45
  • Queen Size – $1206.45
  • King Size – $1573.95
  • California King – $1573.95
  • Shipping is FREE for 48 states and most of Canada

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Recycled Newspaper Pencils

Recycled Newspaper Pencils

The folks at TreeSmart have perfected a process that enables them to turn paper back into wood, and by using 100% recycled newspaper, now can offer completely “Tree-Free” Recycled Newspaper Pencils. This set of 96 #2 Recycled Newspaper Pencils will satisfy your need for pencils while abiding by your concern for the environment and desire to follow the basics of green living: No trees were injured in the manufacturing of these pencils!

These Recycled Newspaper Pencils are just as solid and hard as wood, they sharpen as easily as any “normal” pencil, and they write just as smoothly and consistent as those traditional pencils you’ve used since elementary school. Speaking of such, this set of 96 pencils is perfect for teachers who desire to promote green living, conservation, and eco-friendly products to their students.

Set of 96 – $36.00

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The Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard

Green living was never so high tech! Made of bamboo, which is known as the quintessential “rapidly renewable” raw material as it grows extremely rapidly and takes in greenhouse gasses and produces oxygen, in fact 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees, the Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard works with any bluetooth-enabled device that supports a keyboard.

Sleek and slim, the Bamboo Bluetooth Keyboard is styled after and features the latest Mac keyboard layout. It helps make green living easier, as it’s renewable, recyclable, and rechargeable. 11.5” x 5” x .75”.


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Cell Phone and Mobile Device Solar Charger


Why use a plug-in charger to power your smartphone when easy to use and inexpensive environmentally friendly devices are available? The ISOL-4X Cell Phone and Mobile Device Solar Charger is a convenient, light-weight, and affordable charger, that can provide a full charge just as efficiently and with a markedly lessor effect on the environment. In fact, using the ISOL-4X Charger will reduce CO2 emissions by two pounds per year.

The ISOL-4X Cell Phone and Mobile Device Solar Charger is compatible with Smart Phones including iPhone, Android (Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid Razr, etc.), and Blackberry, plus digital cameras, portable DVD players, and more.

The ISOL-4X will quick-charge your iPhone for 1/2 hour talk time in only one hour, and you can obtain a full charge in six to eight hours in full sun, and charge up to 60% even with little or no sun, depending on your type of battery.

Charging Cable, Output Cable, and Connectors/Adapters are included.

5″ x 2-3/8″ and it weighs only one-half pound.

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Bedol Water Powered Clock

This Eco-Friendly totally recyclable Bedol Water Powered Clock keeps perfect time without batteries or electricity. Just fill it with plain tap water every three months or so, and this magnificent piece of modern engineering will provide the correct time of day.

This clean energy product features electrodes within the water reservoir that convert ions into a current strong enough to power the clock. No need to reset the time when it needs re-filling thanks to a built-in memory chip that keeps the time correct, and it does feature easy-to-set hour and minute time settings.

Made of non-PVC plastic, it is fully recyclable.

Shown in charcoal, it is also available in blue and green.

Compare at $19.00 Our Price Only $17.65

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