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The Viesso Cat Cube

The Viesso Cat Cube

If you are involved in green living, chances are pretty good you are also a pet owner, and if your pet(s) of choice is of the feline variety, then don’t pass up the chance to to have a piece of environmentally friendly and stylish cat furniture in your living space. The Viesso Cat Cube will be an unobtrusive addition to your living room, family room, den or bedroom, and will give your kitty a nice place to frolic or to sleep. It is even sturdy enough for humans to sit upon as well.

Viesso builds their Cat Cubes as they do all their furniture, with great respect for the Earth, with a minimum of waste – all their products are custom made upon order (three weeks is not too long to wait for such a wonderful product) using an efficient manufacturing process, and utilizing a minimum of raw materials.

They manufacture products made from natural, recycled, and sustainable materials, using processes that feature reduced emissions. The Viesso Cat Cube features covering in sisal (Agave sisalana), a fabric made from stiff fibers derived from the Agave, a cactus-like succulent native to northern Mexico, and most commonly known for its nectar, which is used as a natural sweetener in beverages and in cooking, and which is very popular in vegan cuisine.

Available in 18″ x 18″ or 27″ x 27″ sizes, with choice of wood or metal base, and with aqua, black, brown, grey and red fabric choices.

$375.00 to $573.00

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Organic Bumper Bed

Organic Bumper Bed

Now your dog (or, yes, your cat as well) can follow the green living standards that you believe in, when he or she lounges around or sleeps upon one of these comfortable and attractive Organic Bumper Beds.

The Organic Bumper Bed is made with a removable organic cotton cover, and the cushion is made from 100% recycled plastic – plastic soda and water bottles that are recycled into a soft fiber. You and your allergic, sensitive or orthopedic pup can rest comfortably, knowing that every part of this dog bed has been rigorously tested for over 100 potentially harmful substances and found to be 100% Safe!*

Machine washable and Made in the USA.

Size options:

  • Extra Small: 18” x 16” x 6”
  • Small: 23” x 19” x 7”
  • Medium: 28” x 25” x 9”
  • Large: 37” x32” x 9”
  • Extra Large: 44” x 37” x 9”

Available in Green, Red, Gold, Purple, and Blue

From $74.00

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Organic Bumper Bed for Dogs___
*This product and fiber material is certified Oeko-Tex, a stringent standard for environmentally-friendly textiles. This certification guarantees that the product contains no harmful chemicals or substances.

Compostable Dog Poop Bags


Made from a corn-based material with 100% renewable, all-natural ingredients, Compostable Dog Poop Bags decompose faster than other types of plastic bags. Typical grocery-type plastic bags can take hundreds of years to decompose, and even standard eco-friendly bags will take up to 24 months. These Compostable bags break down in a landfill in about 40 days. Your pet(s) can now join in your dedication to sustainable green living principles.

These 9″ by 13″ Compostable Dog Poop Bags are super strong and are made to handle a big load, featuring a reinforced bottom seam to prevent leaks. They come in 15-bag rolls and each monthly plan includes a free bag holder.

Manufactured by Earth Rated, a small Canadian company, these bags meet the D6400 gold eco-certification standard set by ASTM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

2 Bags Per Day: $11/Month
3 Bags Per Day: $13/Month
4 Bags Per Day: $15/Month

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Recycled Water Bottle Leashes


These stylish, soft-to-the-touch Recycled Leashes are 4′ long, 1″ wide, and are produced from recycled water bottles*. Recycled Water Bottle Leashes feature premium-quality, carabiner-style hooks, woven tape on top of webbing, and canine graphics. They are available in five color choices. Machine washable.

Your pet can enjoy the pleasures and benefits of green living next to you as you both enjoy your walks together.

$20.00 each, in choice of Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, or Red

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*Water bottles used are made from PET (Polyethylene terephthalate), also known as “PETE”, which is a non-toxic, BPA-free thermoplastic polymer resin, used for synthetic fibers, and for beverage, food and other liquid containers. Is is a popular and practical material for recycling, and a growing number of manufacturers are using recycled PET to produce fibers for a variety of uses including carpeting, polyester clothing, and a wide variety of containers, from backpacks to shipping containers to new beverage bottles.