The Eco Living Wall

Eco Living Wall

The ingenious Eco Living Wall modular system is created from recycled HDPE-like milk jugs and detergent bottles and provides a planter frame for you to plant your own, customized wall of green in a size and style to suit your space, enhancing your green living experience.

  • Crafted from 100% Recycled HDPE Plastic
  • Each is 15.7” Sq. x 5.5” D
  • Features a water dispersal system – fill the reservoir with water at the top of the frame, and it will slowly drain into each separate cell
  • With The Eco Living Wall, water dispersal system, your plants can be watered while it hangs

Arrange several Eco Living Walls for a dramatic and stylish interior design element that embodies your commitment to green living.
The Eco Living Wall

$80.00 Each

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Bambeco is the premier brand for sustainable home goods, offering an assortment of products that are all reclaimed, recycled, repurposed, renewable, natural, or organic, and made with respect for the planet and its people.

Fukushima Five Years Later and US Nuclear Energy

Five years after the earthquake-tsunami caused destruction of Japan’s Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant, the world seems to have put the issue of nuclear contamination and the hundreds of time bombs percolating in most corners of the world out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, this is a monumental mistake on the part of most people, but it is tempered by by clearer thinking officials who, at least here in California and in some other US states, are taking some needed, though slow-motion, actions.

While little about Fukushima has been seen in the main stream US

Non-toxic products for your home and yard
media over the past few years, the tragedy continues virtually unabated, and the risks are now greater than ever, with no viable solution or resolution in sight.

Today somewhere beneath the three devastated nuclear reactors are over 600 tons of melted radioactive fuel, and officials have neither any real idea exactly where the 600 tons are located, nor how to proceed
with removal and decontamination. Remember, Fukushima is on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, and since March 11, 2011, debris and radiation have been continually released in to the waters of the Pacific, Continue reading

Plastic in the Oceans – Far Worse Than Imagined

Back in December of 2013, I wrote “The Plastisphere”, about the giant colonies of microbe-infested plastic remnants that have grown and continue to grown in the world’s oceans. This is a monumental problem as sea life and water fowl feed off of them, leading to their suffering and death, and spreading bacteria even to humans.

But now recent studies have determined new and additional crises in the growing contamination of the oceans by plastic.

Several studies recently conducted through the Ellen MacArthur Foundation have investigated this ongoing process, including the latest one, “The New Plastics Economy – Rethinking the future of plastics”, a product of Project MainStream, conducted under the auspices of the World Economic Forum.* Their reports of these studies advocate for the New Plastics Economy initiative and the “circular” economy, making the re-use of plastics a singular priority. Their reports show that goods worth over $2.6 trillion annually are sent to the world’s landfills and incineration plants, including 32% of plastic packaging that escapes collection systems. And much of this eventually ends up in the world’s oceans. Continue reading

The Good Ideas 50-Gallon Rain Wizard Rain Barrel

With global climate change having devastating effects on weather conditions throughout the world, one of the most significant ongoing results has been widespread drought conditions throughout many areas of the United States. In California, we are in year four of the worst drought in the state’s recorded history, resulting in unprecedented restrictions on water usage and a plethora of projects designed to conserve, protect and transport the state’s limited water resources. With the impending El Nino conditions about to reach the US, contrary to popular belief, much of the affected areas will suffer worsening drought conditions, as at the same time some areas will receive significant and needed, but short-lived, rainfall. While parts of California, for example, will likely receive substantial rainfall, parts of the state, much of the Pacific Northwest, the Rocky Mountain region, the Great Lakes area and the Ohio Valley, will all see worsening rather than improving drought conditions. Continue reading

Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks

Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks

Your dedication to Green Living can be a guiding factor as you choose among a wide variety of kitchen utensils, decor, and storage items. And, you do not have to sacrifice utility or style in making your selections. This has never more true than in your selection of a safe and attractive product to store your kitchen knives. The Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks is just the perfect choice.

The sustainable style and understated elegance and utility of the Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks is more than evident – it’s produced from reclaimed wood and features bamboo sticks to keep your knives in order and convenient, just as you like them. And the knife holder, created as it is, is unique from all others, as each Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder is individually handcrafted and no two are alike. 11” H x 8” D x 5” at its base.

Buy Now Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks from Bambeco


Climate Change Already is Devastating Coffee Growers Worldwide

The mainstream media, not to mention right wing propaganda outlets such as fox fixed news noise, totally ignores today’s already existing reality of the effects of climate change that are being felt across the world. Three years ago I wrote an article for about how the wine industry was already facing and combating the effects of climate change, and yesterday I wrote here about how Lloyd’s of London was warning their clients that business and industry virtually across the board had to start preparing for a future of weather-related disasters.

Another industry that is already seeing climate change and increasing temperatures cause catastrophic results worldwide, is the coffee growing industry. Higher temperatures are devastating to the majority of coffee bean plants, in particular Arabica beans that account for

75% of the world's coffee and that can suffer catastrophic damage with merely a half-degree temperature increase. In addition to such direct effects, higher temperatures also foster increases in pests such as the berry borer that feed off coffee bean plants and plant
Father's Day Cards
Father's Day Cards
from Rubber Chicken
diseases that attack coffee bean plants. Continue reading

Lloyd’s of London Accepts Reality and Warns of Climate Change Danger

Not every giant corporation accepts the anti-science rhetoric of republican propaganda and climate change denial. Some of the world’s largest businesses have come to accept reality and are working to protect their interests and are warning their customers and clients that actions and precautions must be taken now in order to try to alleviate certain disaster in the future.

No more mainstream, right-wing, anti-consumer, profit-above-all industry in the world exists than the insurance industry, and among the world’s oldest, largest and most profitable names in the industry is the venerable Lloyd’s of London, an insurance marketplace rather than a true insurance company, where some of the world’s richest companies and individuals invest their fortunes to underwrite insurance coverage across the world. Recent year figures show that Lloyd’s receives in excess of $20 Billion in yearly premiums with a profit realization of a bit over 10%.

But Lloyd's does not have mere stockholders to protect. Rather, it was powerful direct investors, and the people who run Lloyd's have come to realize that they cannot hide reality and deny the known effects of pending events. Rather, they now take great pains to
The GoSun Sport Solar Cooker

The GoSun Sport Solar Cooker
Never use gas, electricity, charcoal, butane again, just cook with the sun!
analyze real data and provide realistic reports to their investors and to the industry. Such is the case with climate change. Continue reading

The GoSun Sport Solar Cooker

The GoSun Sport Solar Cooker

Just think of the savings – to your pocketbook and to the environment – if you could cook your meals without electricity, natural gas, propane, charcoal, or any other costly and polluting fuel. Well, you do not have to think about it as if it were some pipe dream for the future. Today, the GoSun Sport Solar Cooker is alive and well, and revolutionizing the way people around the world are preparing their meals. Join thousands of others who harness the energy of the sun to cook their meals with solar power.

And, you do not have to see the sun to solar cook!

Cook meals in as short a time as 20 minutes and at temperatures that reach 550° F!

Steam, bake, fry, roast and boil. Anything is possible inside the GoSun Sport Solar Cooker tube.

Just how does the GoSun Sport Solar Cooker work?

It features a near-perfect insulator, an evacuated glass tube that allows solar cooking in even the most challenging of conditions. By effectively capturing light from a broad range of angles, GoSun Sport Solar Cooker does not require frequent readjustment, making it the lowest maintenance fuel free cooking device on the market.

Bright sun? Great! Cloudy skies? No Worry – Almost no day is off limits!

  • Portable Deploys in seconds and collapses into a durable carrying case
  • Fuel-Free Besides the SUN, No Fuel, No mess, No flames, No cost
  • The GoSun Sport Solar Cooker’s compound parabolic reflectors and tubular design converts nearly 80% of all sunlight entering it’s refectories into useable heat.
  • Two Year Warranty on the evacuated tube. The tubes are durable, made of borosilicate glass (like Pyrex). If it breaks, you’re covered for two years
  • One-Year Limited Warranty on the rest of the device.
  • 30-day money back guarntee

GoSun Solar Cooker - How It Works

Buy the GoSun Sport Solar Cooker NOW for $279.00

included: A durable borosilicate evacuated glass tube cooking chamber, two foldable parabolic reflectors that fold to protect the tube like a clamshell, a stainless steel cooking tray, a rugged scrubby cleaning tool that attaches onto the tray’s end and stainless steel carrying handles.

Also Available:

GoSun Sport Pro Pac

Includes: The GoSun Sport Solar Cooker, Carrying Case, Extra Cooking Tray and Serving Spork

GoSun Sport Carrying Case

Features include a Custom Fit Padded Interior Pocket, Easy-Clean Tray Pocket and Ergonomic Shoulder Strap


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