Imax Alaina Recycled Magazine Baskets, Set of Two

Imax Alaina Recycled Magazine Baskets

Imax Alaina Recycled Magazine Baskets

Handmade from tightly coiled, recycled magazine strips, these Imax Alaina Recycled Magazine Baskets will be an attractive, unique and useful addition to any home, and a great way to show off just how stylish green living can be.

They stand 13 to 14″ high and weigh 2.2 pounds each, but more than that, they represent a long-term use for a mass produced product that until the recent past has been routinely buried or burned with little regard for the environment. Now, magazines can have a second life, through a variety of different recycling processes. Here, discarded magazines that have been cut into strips are woven into attractive, stylish, and colorful baskets that can be placed around the home, garden, office, or business, purely as decor, or as receptacles for a variety of items, small and large – green living at its contemporary best!


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Recycled Tire Planter/Storage Bin


A couple of years ago, the number of automobiles in the world surpassed one billion, and the number grows daily. Every car, those on the road today, those that drove the world’s highways in the past, and those that will leave production lines today, tomorrow, and each day in the future, uses rubber tires. Old tires are routinely buried, burned, or piled up as reminders of our wasteful society. But it does not have to be that way. Used rubber tires can be recycled, and this Recycled Tire Planter/Storage Bin is a prize example.

This stylish, handcrafted container from Au Lac Designs can be used as a planter on a porch, patio, or garden (note it is not watertight), or as an attractive storage bin.

12″ bottom diameter x 18″ top diameter.


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Cell Phone and Mobile Device Solar Charger


Why use a plug-in charger to power your smartphone when easy to use and inexpensive environmentally friendly devices are available? The ISOL-4X Cell Phone and Mobile Device Solar Charger is a convenient, light-weight, and affordable charger, that can provide a full charge just as efficiently and with a markedly lessor effect on the environment. In fact, using the ISOL-4X Charger will reduce CO2 emissions by two pounds per year.

The ISOL-4X Cell Phone and Mobile Device Solar Charger is compatible with Smart Phones including iPhone, Android (Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid Razr, etc.), and Blackberry, plus digital cameras, portable DVD players, and more.

The ISOL-4X will quick-charge your iPhone for 1/2 hour talk time in only one hour, and you can obtain a full charge in six to eight hours in full sun, and charge up to 60% even with little or no sun, depending on your type of battery.

Charging Cable, Output Cable, and Connectors/Adapters are included.

5″ x 2-3/8″ and it weighs only one-half pound.

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The Targus EcoSmart Backpack

Take the benefits of recycling and green living to new heights, with the Targus EcoSmart Backpack, made from recycled plastic bottles.

Features include:

  • Compartment made to hold and protect up to a 15.6″ widescreen laptop
  • Key clip, water bottle holder, MP3 player pocket, business card holder, pen loops and accessory compartment
  • Quick-access front pocket makes a convenient place to store items while on the go
  • Customize a comfortable fit with a padded back panel and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Nickel-free hardware, recyclable plastic components, and tasteful color accents

The Targus EcoSmart Backpack is truly a revolution in green living on the go, for school work, hiking, or just getting around.

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$1 from every purchase is donated to environmental causes.

Recycled Telephone Wire Bowls

Telephone Wire Bowls

Telephone Wire Bowls

If ever there was a disposable product that goes unnoticed by millions of people, it is telephone wires. Rather than continuing the general practice of just tossing old telephone wires into the trash, and ultimately landfills, the innovative people at Spiral Foundation have come up with a marvelous way to recycle them, by turning them into Recycled Telephone Wire Bowls

These handmade bowls come in four different sizes, perfect to hold a variety of items, from coins or keys, to fruit, chips or nuts, and they are available in several color combinations. Recycled Telephone Wire Bowls are durable and they are washable.

$1 from every purchase is donated to environmental causes.

Small – $18.00
Medium – $26.00
Large – $34.00
Extra Large – $42.00
Available Colors:

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Bedol Water Powered Clock

This Eco-Friendly totally recyclable Bedol Water Powered Clock keeps perfect time without batteries or electricity. Just fill it with plain tap water every three months or so, and this magnificent piece of modern engineering will provide the correct time of day.

This clean energy product features electrodes within the water reservoir that convert ions into a current strong enough to power the clock. No need to reset the time when it needs re-filling thanks to a built-in memory chip that keeps the time correct, and it does feature easy-to-set hour and minute time settings.

Made of non-PVC plastic, it is fully recyclable.

Shown in charcoal, it is also available in blue and green.

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See our discussion of Water-Powered Batteries.

I Am NOT A Paper Cup

Tired of the “Use it once and throw it out” mentality? Well, use no more paper cups, once you have your own I Am Not a Paper Cup thermal porcelain cup. This cup looks just like those throw-away paper things that burn your hands, leak, spill, and are so wasteful of resources.

The eco-friendly I Am Not a Paper Cup is double-walled and will not burn your hand, and the cup comes with a tight-fitting silicone top so your hot beverages will not spill on your tie, your lap, or your laptop.

Eco-friendly, use I Am Not a Paper Cup over and over, and help save a forest. 6″ tall, it’s also dishwasher safe, and if your cup holder fits a paper cup, I Am NOT a Paper Cup will also fit.

Great gift idea for the environmentally-minded coffee or tea drinker.

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Water-Powered Batteries

Rechargeable and completely recyclable, the Water-Powered battery runs off ordinary tap water, or ANY water-based liquid.

Free of heavy metals and electrolytes, they are dormant until water is added.

Several different types of water-powered batteries have now been developed, including the NoPoPo, which is a carbon-magnesium battery, a type using using copper-magnesium cells, and a type using aluminum anodes which uses seawater rather than tap water. Also being developed is the HydroPak, a portable power generator that uses water-activated disposable fuel cartridges. This power source produces much higher power levels and have longer life spans than the other models discussed.

Here is a description of the development of one type of water-powered batters, featuring Japanese inventor Susume Suzuki:

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