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The Burgeoning Issue of Electronic Waste

With every new smartphone making all others obsolete, as “Smart” HDTVs replace plain old HDTVs, and as more and more kitchen appliances can operate virtually without the necessity of a person at the controls, the problem of the increasing volume of toxic and cumbersome electronic waste worsens and worsens.

A recent report of a United Nations’ study has determined that each and every US resident generates 66 pounds of electronic waste per year, that the amount continues to increase, and will reach the level of 100 pounds per person by 2017. The study, based on data collected in 2010, found that 1.6 million tons of used electronics worldwide were disposed of during that year, and of that, only 56% was collected for safe and proper disposal and recycling.

The discarding of such waste not only means that deadly toxins are added to landfills, ground water, and the atmosphere in general, but also that valuable, reusable components are never recovered and recycled, and in their stead other finite resources are further depleted. Continue reading