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Lloyd’s of London Accepts Reality and Warns of Climate Change Danger

Not every giant corporation accepts the anti-science rhetoric of republican propaganda and climate change denial. Some of the world’s largest businesses have come to accept reality and are working to protect their interests and are warning their customers and clients that actions and precautions must be taken now in order to try to alleviate certain disaster in the future.

No more mainstream, right-wing, anti-consumer, profit-above-all industry in the world exists than the insurance industry, and among the world’s oldest, largest and most profitable names in the industry is the venerable Lloyd’s of London, an insurance marketplace rather than a true insurance company, where some of the world’s richest companies and individuals invest their fortunes to underwrite insurance coverage across the world. Recent year figures show that Lloyd’s receives in excess of $20 Billion in yearly premiums with a profit realization of a bit over 10%.

But Lloyd's does not have mere stockholders to protect. Rather, it was powerful direct investors, and the people who run Lloyd's have come to realize that they cannot hide reality and deny the known effects of pending events. Rather, they now take great pains to
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analyze real data and provide realistic reports to their investors and to the industry. Such is the case with climate change. Continue reading

Who is Paying for gop Climate Change Deniers?

The Oil and Gas Industry, electricity providers, primarily, and Koch Bros.’ and their groups as individuals and secret super PACS, as well as what they give directly from their energy businesses and others, that’s who. Anyone who believes that these positions are based on study, expertise, or consultation with actual experts, is greatly misguided. It is money and campaign contributions and power that fuels the “strongly held beliefs’ of gop elected officials and candidates, and nothing more, with the rare exception of some who also throw in religion, such as Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe, who come January, will be Chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works. Sen. Inhofe, the most powerful and vocal climate change denier in the government, has slightly tempered his otherwise unrelenting denial of the scientific facts of climate change to say that if it were true, God would save us from the effects of extreme weather.

Let’s start with Inhofe. Continue reading