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Indigo Plus Rechargeable Lantern with Hand Crank Generator

Indigo Plus Rechargeable Lantern

Campers and hikers, you’ll never be without a source of light and power again, if you have the Indigo Plus Rechargeable Lantern with Hand Crank Generator. It is more than just a rechargeable lantern or than a crank flashlight – rather, the Indigo Plus Rechargeable Lantern can also provide emergency power for a quick and easy cellphone charge.

The Indigo Plus Rechargeable Lantern with Hand Crank Generator has all of these great features:

  • Built-in 3.6V NiMH pack so no need for expensive rechargeable batteries
  • Dimmer switch to adjust brightness
  • Two separate LED sets for space lighting and spot beam/flashlight use
  • Articulated handles and sturdy rubber feet make it easy to handle or to securely position
  • Manufactured from a tough ABS material so it can withstand constant use

The Indigo Plus Rechargeable Lantern with Hand Crank Generator can be charged by using the hand crank, or if a computer is available, it can be fully charged by plugging into a USB port for eight hours. It can also be charged with a solar panel.

At full power, the Indigo Plus Rechargeable Lantern will last for three hours, and if used at low power as a night lite, it will illuminate the dark of night for as long as 60 hours.

$54.99 $49.99

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Spark Tablet Case and Solar Charger


On the go? Need that tablet here, there, and everywhere? Running out of charge? There is no problem anymore, with the Spark Tablet Case and Solar Charger. Protect your ipad or other tablet, and charge it as you go, with this modern, eco-friendly device that compliments your dedication to green living in so many ways:

  • No more plugging into the electric grid
  • Use the abundant, and free, energy of the sun to recharge over and over
  • The streamlined case is made with durable, lightweight, non-toxic PET fabric
  • Also compatible with a wide range of smartphones and digital cameras
  • Solar panels are waterproof, lightweight and built to withstand all the rough use you can provide

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The Targus EcoSmart Backpack

Take the benefits of recycling and green living to new heights, with the Targus EcoSmart Backpack, made from recycled plastic bottles.

Features include:

  • Compartment made to hold and protect up to a 15.6″ widescreen laptop
  • Key clip, water bottle holder, MP3 player pocket, business card holder, pen loops and accessory compartment
  • Quick-access front pocket makes a convenient place to store items while on the go
  • Customize a comfortable fit with a padded back panel and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Nickel-free hardware, recyclable plastic components, and tasteful color accents

The Targus EcoSmart Backpack is truly a revolution in green living on the go, for school work, hiking, or just getting around.

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$1 from every purchase is donated to environmental causes.