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Reclaimed Wood and its Unlimited Uses

In the age of titanium, plastics, and glass-based fiber-optics, the beauty and versatility of real wood retains its ongoing position at the top of the list of preferred materials for a wide variety of consumer products. Changing attitudes, the expansion of green living, and the widespread realization of the need to promote sustainability in modern society has however brought about the ever-growing use of old wood for the production of new products. Old buildings are now dismantled by hand, preserving wood planks, instead of having wrecking balls turn old walls into rubble, leaky old wine casks are turned into furniture (like the wine barrel side table shown here) and serving pieces, and when stretches of railroad track are removed or replaced, old ties now become outdoor benches and landscape elements.Wine Barrell Side Table

Products created from reclaimed wood are all inherently one-of-a-kind pieces, separating them from the mundane, mass-produced sameness of 99% of products coming off assembly lines by the hundreds or by the thousands, or by the hundreds of thousands. Forests are preserved, ecological systems are undamaged, and carbon emissions are minimally if at all increased, when old wood is used anew. Continue reading

Preserve BPA-Free 9-Piece Kitchen Starter Set

Preserve BPA-Free 9-Piece Kitchen Starter Set

Veteran chefs and neophyte home cooks alike can follow environmentally friendly green living and turn out great meals, when they utilize the tools featured in the Preserve BPA-Free 9-Piece Kitchen Starter Set.

This array of cooks’ tools features kitchen basics that will be used over and over again. The tools are made in the USA from 100% recycled BPA and melamine free #5 plastic and are dishwasher-safe and 100% recyclable. The brightly colored set features mixing bowls with east-to-grip handles and funnel spouts, and the cutting board has a textured surface that grips your fruit and veggies and doesn’t show knife marks.

The set includes:

  • Nested Set of 2-Quart, 3-Quart, and 4-Quart Mixing Bowls
  • One 10″ x 8″ Cutting Board
  • One 1.5-Quart Colander
  • 1/4-Cup, 1/3-Cup, 1/2-Cup, and 1-Cup Measuring Cups


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