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Climate Change Already is Devastating Coffee Growers Worldwide

The mainstream media, not to mention right wing propaganda outlets such as fox fixed news noise, totally ignores today’s already existing reality of the effects of climate change that are being felt across the world. Three years ago I wrote an article for Nifty-Home-Bar.com about how the wine industry was already facing and combating the effects of climate change, and yesterday I wrote here about how Lloyd’s of London was warning their clients that business and industry virtually across the board had to start preparing for a future of weather-related disasters.

Another industry that is already seeing climate change and increasing temperatures cause catastrophic results worldwide, is the coffee growing industry. Higher temperatures are devastating to the majority of coffee bean plants, in particular Arabica beans that account for

75% of the world's coffee and that can suffer catastrophic damage with merely a half-degree temperature increase. In addition to such direct effects, higher temperatures also foster increases in pests such as the berry borer that feed off coffee bean plants and plant
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diseases that attack coffee bean plants. Continue reading

Lloyd’s of London Accepts Reality and Warns of Climate Change Danger

Not every giant corporation accepts the anti-science rhetoric of republican propaganda and climate change denial. Some of the world’s largest businesses have come to accept reality and are working to protect their interests and are warning their customers and clients that actions and precautions must be taken now in order to try to alleviate certain disaster in the future.

No more mainstream, right-wing, anti-consumer, profit-above-all industry in the world exists than the insurance industry, and among the world’s oldest, largest and most profitable names in the industry is the venerable Lloyd’s of London, an insurance marketplace rather than a true insurance company, where some of the world’s richest companies and individuals invest their fortunes to underwrite insurance coverage across the world. Recent year figures show that Lloyd’s receives in excess of $20 Billion in yearly premiums with a profit realization of a bit over 10%.

But Lloyd's does not have mere stockholders to protect. Rather, it was powerful direct investors, and the people who run Lloyd's have come to realize that they cannot hide reality and deny the known effects of pending events. Rather, they now take great pains to
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analyze real data and provide realistic reports to their investors and to the industry. Such is the case with climate change. Continue reading