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Reclaimed Wood and its Unlimited Uses

In the age of titanium, plastics, and glass-based fiber-optics, the beauty and versatility of real wood retains its ongoing position at the top of the list of preferred materials for a wide variety of consumer products. Changing attitudes, the expansion of green living, and the widespread realization of the need to promote sustainability in modern society has however brought about the ever-growing use of old wood for the production of new products. Old buildings are now dismantled by hand, preserving wood planks, instead of having wrecking balls turn old walls into rubble, leaky old wine casks are turned into furniture (like the wine barrel side table shown here) and serving pieces, and when stretches of railroad track are removed or replaced, old ties now become outdoor benches and landscape elements.Wine Barrell Side Table

Products created from reclaimed wood are all inherently one-of-a-kind pieces, separating them from the mundane, mass-produced sameness of 99% of products coming off assembly lines by the hundreds or by the thousands, or by the hundreds of thousands. Forests are preserved, ecological systems are undamaged, and carbon emissions are minimally if at all increased, when old wood is used anew. Continue reading

Recycled Tire MacBook, Laptop and Ipad Sleeves

Recycled Tire MacBook Sleve

Made from recycled, or “upcycled”, rubber from the inner tubes of tires, these Recycled Tire MacBook, Laptop and iPad Sleeves are lined and padded with 100% recycled PET plastic, that is environmentally safe plastic recycled from water bottles.

They are fully padded and securely hold your device in place, and they are fully water resistant, and they feature a reverse tape zipper with two zipper pulls. The sleeves are designed with cut-outs in recycled rubber to show the colored PET material on the front and back of the sleeve, and each sleeve is a unique product due to inherent markings and textures of the rubber.

No animal products are used in the making of these Recycled Tire MacBook, Laptop and iPad Sleeves and thus they are vegan, are produced cruelty free, and are perfect for anyone committed to or are now venturing forth into green living.

From $59.95

Available in Apple Green, Jet Black, Pumpkin Orange, Quarry Blue and Scarlet Red for Your
13″ MacBook 14″ x 10.25″ x .75″,
15″ Laptop 15.25″ x 11.25″ x .75″, or
iPad 8.25″ x 10.25″ x .75″

Recycled Tire Planter/Storage Bin


A couple of years ago, the number of automobiles in the world surpassed one billion, and the number grows daily. Every car, those on the road today, those that drove the world’s highways in the past, and those that will leave production lines today, tomorrow, and each day in the future, uses rubber tires. Old tires are routinely buried, burned, or piled up as reminders of our wasteful society. But it does not have to be that way. Used rubber tires can be recycled, and this Recycled Tire Planter/Storage Bin is a prize example.

This stylish, handcrafted container from Au Lac Designs can be used as a planter on a porch, patio, or garden (note it is not watertight), or as an attractive storage bin.

12″ bottom diameter x 18″ top diameter.


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