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Touch of Eco Solar On-The-Go Backpack Charger

Touch of Eco Solar On-The-Go Backpack Charger

On the go? Need that phone or tablet available every time you need it? No time to let it charge before you’re out and about? Used it all day and still need it now – no time to sit and wait for it to charge?

Well, with the Solar On-The-Go Backpack Charger from Touch of Eco, waiting around is a thing of the past!

Charge almost any USB powered device, including phones, iPods. smart watches, Kindle Fire, speakers and more, on the go, with the revolutionary solar integrated Touch of Eco Solar On-The-Go Backpack. Equipped with a flexible and incredibly rugged integrated 3 watt solar panel featuring solar-on-plastic technology, the solar panel adds only minimal weight allowing the backpack to remain flexible enough to allow it to be fully packed without risking damage to the panel or to the bag. Features include: Continue reading

Spark Tablet Case and Solar Charger


On the go? Need that tablet here, there, and everywhere? Running out of charge? There is no problem anymore, with the Spark Tablet Case and Solar Charger. Protect your ipad or other tablet, and charge it as you go, with this modern, eco-friendly device that compliments your dedication to green living in so many ways:

  • No more plugging into the electric grid
  • Use the abundant, and free, energy of the sun to recharge over and over
  • The streamlined case is made with durable, lightweight, non-toxic PET fabric
  • Also compatible with a wide range of smartphones and digital cameras
  • Solar panels are waterproof, lightweight and built to withstand all the rough use you can provide

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Cell Phone and Mobile Device Solar Charger


Why use a plug-in charger to power your smartphone when easy to use and inexpensive environmentally friendly devices are available? The ISOL-4X Cell Phone and Mobile Device Solar Charger is a convenient, light-weight, and affordable charger, that can provide a full charge just as efficiently and with a markedly lessor effect on the environment. In fact, using the ISOL-4X Charger will reduce CO2 emissions by two pounds per year.

The ISOL-4X Cell Phone and Mobile Device Solar Charger is compatible with Smart Phones including iPhone, Android (Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid Razr, etc.), and Blackberry, plus digital cameras, portable DVD players, and more.

The ISOL-4X will quick-charge your iPhone for 1/2 hour talk time in only one hour, and you can obtain a full charge in six to eight hours in full sun, and charge up to 60% even with little or no sun, depending on your type of battery.

Charging Cable, Output Cable, and Connectors/Adapters are included.

5″ x 2-3/8″ and it weighs only one-half pound.

Compare at $47.80, Our Price Only $21.95

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