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Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks

Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks

Your dedication to Green Living can be a guiding factor as you choose among a wide variety of kitchen utensils, decor, and storage items. And, you do not have to sacrifice utility or style in making your selections. This has never more true than in your selection of a safe and attractive product to store your kitchen knives. The Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks is just the perfect choice.

The sustainable style and understated elegance and utility of the Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder with Bamboo Sticks is more than evident – it’s produced from reclaimed wood and features bamboo sticks to keep your knives in order and convenient, just as you like them. And the knife holder, created as it is, is unique from all others, as each Angled Reclaimed Wood Knife Holder is individually handcrafted and no two are alike. 11” H x 8” D x 5” at its base.

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Vintage Film Reel Wine Rack

Vintage Film Reel Wine Rack

FINALLY, the perfect product for the eco-friendly, green-living, decor-conscious oenophile – the Vintage Film Reel Wine Rack. Place this homage to a hundred years of Hollywood classics in a prominent place, and fill it with up to six bottles of your favorite vino, and you’ll bring recycling and love of wine to new home bar heights.

And movie lovers – each reel is wound with a section of celluloid from an actual vintage MGM movie, and the base prominently displays the name of the movie. 16″ H X 14″ W

$375.00, and shipping is FREE!

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Bamboo & Cork Canister Set

Bamboo & Cork Canister Set

Made from 100% Organic Bamboo and Sustainable Cork, this Bamboo & Cork Canister Set is manufactured with water-based and formaldehyde-free adhesives and is approved for food safety. They are chemical and pesticide-free and contain no bleaches or dyes. So, use them in the kitchen for spices, coffee, cookies, or other bulk items, use them in the bath for bath beads, cotton balls, or that extra roll of toilet paper, or use them as decorative items in the entry way or living room.

Your green living lifestyle is fully protected with this Bamboo & Cork Canister Set as no animal products are used in its manufacturer, and even all packing materials are from certified sources and are either recycled or recyclable.

The set includes one small 3.5″ dia x 3″ h canister, one medium 4″ dia x 4.5″ h canister, and one large 5″ dia x 5.5″ h canister.


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Save Our Forests With Recycled Paper Furniture

Many furniture manufacturers today observe environmentally friendly procedures and use recycled materials. Furniture companies that produce metal furniture are at the top of the list of producers of eco-friendly products from recycled metal, often employing less toxic and less wasteful manufacturing methods. Now, however, new heights in environmentally friendly and eco-safe production have been reached with the use of zBoard. zBoard is a product that itself is completely recyclable and is composed virtually entirely (99%) from recycled paper. It is now being used to produce stylish, contemporary furniture items that are less than half the weight of, but with the same strength as, particle board.

It took ten years to develop zBoard, but it was well worth the time, effort, and expense to produce a new raw material from old paper, a material that is used to craft furniture that is as solid and structurally sound as wood furniture and that with proper care will last as long as traditional wooded furniture. Continue reading

Chelsea Modern Bookshelves


Way Basics produces these stylish and utilitarian Chelsea Modern Bookshelves from recycled content – 99% from paper. They are non-toxic (Formaldehyde and VOC free) and water resistant, and they are completely recyclable.

Create a beguiling, modern, green living area of your den, living room, dining room, or office, with a configuration of several of these units, in various colors. Note that they can be stacked one upon another, but they cannot be turned horizontally.

12″ x 32.1″ x 24.8″

$82.99 each, Available in Black, Espresso, Natural, and White

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Imax Alaina Recycled Magazine Baskets, Set of Two

Imax Alaina Recycled Magazine Baskets

Imax Alaina Recycled Magazine Baskets

Handmade from tightly coiled, recycled magazine strips, these Imax Alaina Recycled Magazine Baskets will be an attractive, unique and useful addition to any home, and a great way to show off just how stylish green living can be.

They stand 13 to 14″ high and weigh 2.2 pounds each, but more than that, they represent a long-term use for a mass produced product that until the recent past has been routinely buried or burned with little regard for the environment. Now, magazines can have a second life, through a variety of different recycling processes. Here, discarded magazines that have been cut into strips are woven into attractive, stylish, and colorful baskets that can be placed around the home, garden, office, or business, purely as decor, or as receptacles for a variety of items, small and large – green living at its contemporary best!


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Recycled Tire Planter/Storage Bin


A couple of years ago, the number of automobiles in the world surpassed one billion, and the number grows daily. Every car, those on the road today, those that drove the world’s highways in the past, and those that will leave production lines today, tomorrow, and each day in the future, uses rubber tires. Old tires are routinely buried, burned, or piled up as reminders of our wasteful society. But it does not have to be that way. Used rubber tires can be recycled, and this Recycled Tire Planter/Storage Bin is a prize example.

This stylish, handcrafted container from Au Lac Designs can be used as a planter on a porch, patio, or garden (note it is not watertight), or as an attractive storage bin.

12″ bottom diameter x 18″ top diameter.


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