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Bedol Water Powered Clock

This Eco-Friendly totally recyclable Bedol Water Powered Clock keeps perfect time without batteries or electricity. Just fill it with plain tap water every three months or so, and this magnificent piece of modern engineering will provide the correct time of day.

This clean energy product features electrodes within the water reservoir that convert ions into a current strong enough to power the clock. No need to reset the time when it needs re-filling thanks to a built-in memory chip that keeps the time correct, and it does feature easy-to-set hour and minute time settings.

Made of non-PVC plastic, it is fully recyclable.

Shown in charcoal, it is also available in blue and green.

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Water-Powered Batteries

Rechargeable and completely recyclable, the Water-Powered battery runs off ordinary tap water, or ANY water-based liquid.

Free of heavy metals and electrolytes, they are dormant until water is added.

Several different types of water-powered batteries have now been developed, including the NoPoPo, which is a carbon-magnesium battery, a type using using copper-magnesium cells, and a type using aluminum anodes which uses seawater rather than tap water. Also being developed is the HydroPak, a portable power generator that uses water-activated disposable fuel cartridges. This power source produces much higher power levels and have longer life spans than the other models discussed.

Here is a description of the development of one type of water-powered batters, featuring Japanese inventor Susume Suzuki: