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Save Our Forests With Recycled Paper Furniture

Many furniture manufacturers today observe environmentally friendly procedures and use recycled materials. Furniture companies that produce metal furniture are at the top of the list of producers of eco-friendly products from recycled metal, often employing less toxic and less wasteful manufacturing methods. Now, however, new heights in environmentally friendly and eco-safe production have been reached with the use of zBoard. zBoard is a product that itself is completely recyclable and is composed virtually entirely (99%) from recycled paper. It is now being used to produce stylish, contemporary furniture items that are less than half the weight of, but with the same strength as, particle board.

It took ten years to develop zBoard, but it was well worth the time, effort, and expense to produce a new raw material from old paper, a material that is used to craft furniture that is as solid and structurally sound as wood furniture and that with proper care will last as long as traditional wooded furniture. Continue reading

Chelsea Modern Bookshelves


Way Basics produces these stylish and utilitarian Chelsea Modern Bookshelves from recycled content – 99% from paper. They are non-toxic (Formaldehyde and VOC free) and water resistant, and they are completely recyclable.

Create a beguiling, modern, green living area of your den, living room, dining room, or office, with a configuration of several of these units, in various colors. Note that they can be stacked one upon another, but they cannot be turned horizontally.

12″ x 32.1″ x 24.8″

$82.99 each, Available in Black, Espresso, Natural, and White

Buy Now from the Ultimate Green Store